How to make a flower crown (for your pet)

How to make a flower crown (for your pet)

Fun accessories aren't just for humans. And we needed no excuse to make flower crowns (and collars) for dogs. Yes, really. Want to make one? Find out how here. Or just keep scrolling for your daily dose of cute.

What you’ll need:

Measuring tape
Floristry wire
Green floristry tape
Floristry scissors
Ribbon of your choice
1 pet-friendly letterbox bouquet

Don't forget: No flowers or foliage should ever be eaten by your pet. Find out which bouquets are pet friendly below.


Step 1: Measure your pet's head

Measure your pet's head (start between their ears, loop under their chin and back to between their ears). Then cut your floristry wire to size.
You'll need to add two extra inches to your measurement so you can make loops at either end (see step 2).

Step 2: Make your wire frame

Twist each end of wire to create loops.
Hold them in place by tightly wrapping them with floristry tape.
You’ll pop your ribbon through these later!

Step 3: Cut your flowers really short

Trim every flower down so there’s only 1-2 inches of stem left.
Cut down your foliage into sprigs this long as well.

Step 4: Start with a piece of foliage

Start by placing a piece of foliage at one end of the floral wire, keeping it as close to the loop as you can without covering it.

Step 5: Hold it in place with tape

To hold it in place, grab your floristry tape.
Keep it on the reel, but hold the open end over the stem and wire, pull the tape until it turns clear then tightly wrap it around.
Do this once or twice until it feels securely held.

Step 6: Now do the same with a flower

You want to pop your flower as close to the foliage as possible to hide any signs of the tape!

Step 7: Add all your flowers and foliage

Now keep repeating steps 6 and 7, alternating between foliage and flower, until your crown is full.
Remember to keep pulling your tape tightly and to keep your stems lined up in the same direction as you go.

Step 8: Secure the last piece of foliage in place

When you reach the end of your crown, secure the last piece of foliage in place by tightly wrapping it with floristry tape.

Step 19: Add your ribbon

Finally, tie your ribbon through the end loops.
You can make the ribbon as long as you like, depending on how big you'd like your bow to be!

Flowers and foliage should never be eaten by pets. Read our list of stems that are OK for pets to be near below.